Help our friends at Assemble Papers!

Help our friends at Assemble Papers!


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Our friends at Assemble Papers are running a Pozible campaign to get their publication into print! There’s lots of lovely reward to recieve for your contribution. Here’s a little more about the campaign or follow the link here to see the list of goodies!

The story of the project

Assemble Papers is an online publication exploring small footprint living across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and finance. We stand for optimism and the hunger to understand context; to join the dots between the ideal and the practical; to advocate for the local while participating in an international conversation.

We launched our website in 2012, with new content published on a weekly basis and distributed via our free e-newsletter every Friday morning, 11am AEST.

Why print?

The decision to delve into the print medium is motivated by a desire to expand, reach out and broaden the discussion; to connect more individuals with important issues and interesting stories that affect them, now and in the future. The portability and tactility of printed matter is an exciting prospect. It creates the opportunity for chance encounters, incidental discovery of new ideas, and the ability to absorb information at a slower pace.

Why now?

The timing of our pioneer print foray is important. The current housing affordability crisis in Melbourne, coupled with the recent changes to residential zonings proposed by local councils, has huge implications for the urban fabric and social diversity of our city. This publication is intended as a tangible invitation to pause, think, and participate. A call to arms, if you will, as the time to have an opinion is now.

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