INTERVIEW Lisa Minogue of Liberation Images

INTERVIEW Lisa Minogue of Liberation Images






Lisa Minogue at work on the TSS6 photoshoot

Above are images from our recent photoshoot at Northside Records,
and one of Lisa at work on our TSS6 photoshoot.

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Photographer Lisa Minogue of Liberation Images is relatively new to The Social Studio gang. We love her work and wanted to share with you an insight into her practice and the photographs she takes for us.

How long have you been working as a photographer?

Although I have been photographing people for over 15 years, self taught in both photography and editing.  Liberation Images was only conceived last year after I returned to school after 25 years and started the formal learning of Photo Imaging at NMIT – I knew then that after years of dabbling and fitting it in where I could, I wanted this to be a more concrete and much bigger part of my life.

Briefly describe the philosophy behind your practice?

As the mother of two beautiful Ethiopian children I have spent years falling in love with photographing people who don’t look like me (I’m caucasian).   Liberation Images started with the idea that I wanted to specialise in photographing skin and features different than mine.

How did you become involved with The Social Studio?

The gods were on my side the day I contacted Andrea Ondie – I had heard of The Social Studio through the media and really loved what they were doing and hoped in some small way I could be a part of it’s magic.  After a discussion with my best friend about how I really wanted to get more involved in the local community, I was motivated to send an email explaining myself and as luck would have it Andrea liked what I did and we shot our first series of images four days later – I still can’t believe my luck!

Every time I walk into the Studio or Cutting Table I feel so happy and privileged to help tell it’s stories through my images – there are so many wonderful stories to show and tell.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I just LOVE being around such motivated people – it has changed my life to be able to work for and amongst people who have come so far, with what you might think to be so many reasons not to take off, only to find they are amongst the most inspired, driven and motivated people I have ever met.

I am inspired in my own work by their work ethics and ambitions, but even more so by the sense of community at The Social Studio – it’s a place that makes you think that anyone can succeed with the right support, work and team on their side.

What it’s done for me is consolidate my priority as a photographer and given me very clear direction about what I want to do from now on.

What was the highlight for you on the Northside shoot?

I want to say – too many to mention!   The Northside shoot was VERY organic.  One minute we were shooting the look book at The Social Studio, the next minute about 14 of us rock into Northside and start working the camera.

Such a great location, stunning models, brilliant clothing, stories all round.

The models for The Social Studio are brilliant – they throw themselves into whatever story is presented and it is like a  bunch of friends hanging together.  For a photographer it’s an utter dream come true.

I look at those images and can’t believe I was the fortunate photographer able to shoot it!