LINDA JACKSON The Colour Chameleon

LINDA JACKSON The Colour Chameleon



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Last but certainly not least of our Colour Chameleon designer profiles is Linda Jackson. A pioneer of Australian fashion, Jackson grew up in Melbourne, surrounded by beach and bush. These early influences later transformed into a colourful and distinctive aesthetic celebrating the Australian landscape. Jackson has become renowned for her innovative use of construction and decorative techniques including appliqué, patchwork, screen printing and hand painting.

It’s been a great experience to have Linda Jackson work with us in developing a print for the project. The design is originally inspired by her love of opals. We worked with watercolour paintings that were then reconstructed into a repeat pattern that resembles a reptilian skin!

Stay tuned for more info on her involvement with us and The Social Outfit up in Sydeny… It’s going to be a very colourful couple of months ahead!

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