Mu Mu’s Visits Home

Mu Mu’s Visits Home

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Visiting my family in the Karen State of Burma, it was amazing to see my family again and to see my little baby cousins all grown up.I was lucky to visit during the three day water festival of music, dancing, food and swimming!

We went swimming in a waterfall, cooked traditional noodles we also went into the city where crowds of people celebrated the water festival by spraying themselves and others with huge hoses. On the third day of the festival we pay our respects to our elders which is part of a Buddhist Tradition.

My village held an initiation ceremony for young monks, this celebration goes for three days where again there is dancing and traditional food. The young boys ride beautifully decorated horses and the horses are also trained to dance as part of the ceremony. On the third day the whole village attends the final stage of initiation and the local temple where the boys will officially become monks.

I can not wait to go back again.