About The Social Studio

The Social Studio is a fashion label, shop, clothing manufacturer and digital textile printer that celebrates the style and skills of diverse cultures in Australia. We champion diversity, community, education, sustainability, art, creativity, design and ethical business practices. In all we do, we create professional development and opportunity for young members of the community who are most in need of a voice, mode of expression and agency.


The opportunity to work and learn for young people with talent who have experienced being a refugee.


Beautifully crafted products showcasing local design and promoting sustainable and ethical fashion in Australia.


Supporting the artistic practice and growth of young people from diverse cultural backgrounds in fashion, textiles, design and visual arts.


Creating connections between people from diverse cultures and sharing knowledge, skills and stories.

Our Story

The Social Studio was founded in 2009. The Social Studio is a safe place of belonging that strives to create awareness and change public perceptions for people who have experienced being a refugee.

We operate as a non-profit Incorporated Association, which is managed by a Board of Management elected by the membership. Our Board is composed of design and business professionals, media and communications experts, community development workers and community leaders from refugee communities in Melbourne.

All income generated through the Studio is invested in creating social benefits for our students, staff and their communities. We measure this through education outcomes, employment outcomes, environmental benefits and social inclusion.

We believe there is a growing entrepreneurial spirit in community development. Along with participating in forums workshops and events that support the social enterprise sector, we have been mentoring other creative enterprises including The Social Outfit (Sydney) and Twich Women’s Sewing Cooperative (Dandenong), among a range of others.