Research & Development


The Social Studio has actively contributed to a number of industry research reports, case studies, independent program evaluations and action-research projects.

This is part of an ongoing commitment to supporting research and best practice in social enterprise, creative arts practice and management, and community development for new migrant and refugee communities .

The following reports are freely available and alongside the name of each publication we have provided a link for PDF download.

A New Beginning: Resolving Conflict Peacefully: Pilot Program Evaluation, Natalia Hanley and Tallace Bissett, The University of Melbourne, 2013. Download here.

Art, Money and Society: Private Funding, Public Benefit & Creative Social Enterprise, Grace McQuilten and Anthony White, a project supported by the Jack Brockhoff Churchill Fellowship, the Myer Fund and the University of Melbourne, 2012.  Download here.

International Models of Creative Social Enterprise, Dr Grace McQuilten, The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. A report for the Jack Brockhoff Churchill Fellowship, 2012. Download here.

Investing in Skills: Effective Work-related Learning in SMEs, Centre for Workplace Skills, The Conference Board of Canada, 2011. Download here.

Developing Strong Social Enterprises: A documentary approach, Jo Barraket and Heather Anderson, The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, 2010. Download here.

Social and Community Enterprises Research Project: Assessing the potential of social and community enterprise as a measure to facilitate women’s economic participation and alleviate poverty, Ingrid Burkett, Foresters Community Finance. A report for the Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers’ Conference on the Status of Women MINCO, 2010. Download here.